Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Vision 4 My Life

I was going back through a stack of my notes the other day when I
came upon the following:

My vision 4 my life.

Right under that I had a box with the words "paradigm shift"
inside, and under that the following:

I am the Creator of the Game of My Life. I can Redefine Myself. I
Can Change. Change Happens.

I got to thinking about how these few comments shifted the way I
looked at my life. Let me share my thinking…

I am the Creator of the Game of My Life. Wow! What a shift in
awareness this brought.

I have always been very serious about life and life experiences. I
saw life as an all or nothing process. You either had it or you
didn't, and for some reason I didn't.

* I had little abundance, or passion.

* I contributed little to others and had denied my feelings of joy
in the adventure of life.

* I was compassionate, but I was afraid to share this for fear of
being hurt in some way.

* My generosity to others was limited by a fear of being used.

* Since I had been told as a child that I couldn't win, I accepted

* My commitment to myself was simply to survive and live with as
much integrity as I could given the above.

How serious can you get! I mean, there was little joy or
celebration in this life. Just getting through it every day was
hard work, especially without much humor.

So visioning my life as a Game began to change everything. I had
forgotten about this until I came upon this paper. How brilliant
was that shift?

As a game, life becomes less difficult and more childlike almost
immediately, and much more manageable.

Just bringing a smile to your face can begin to change your day
even when you don't feel like smiling. Smiling at a stranger as
you walk through the mall or saying a kind hello to a stranger
passing by will not only change your day, but it can help create a
better day for those around you. And it's absolutely free! How
awesome is that?

Try it. Set your intention to smile sincerely to everyone you come
into contact with and to say hi to everyone with whom you have eye
contact for 1 day. You'll see… And what a difference you'll make…
to yourself and to those around you.

It's your game, it's your life.

Have fun!

Enjoy yourself.

Play happy with those around you.

Life IS a Game and Everyone is a Winner.

So recognize that what you focus on today will be your future

Open your life up to new exciting opportunities.

And if you don't think you can do it, or you don't deserve to be
happy, or you're too deep into the pain, or you just need a checkup,
give yourself a chance to make those changes in your life that you've
been dreaming of.

You can contact me directly for assistance . Send me an email and
I will respond as quickly as I can.

Blessings and Peace,