Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Basics of a happy life: pt 3

Life is moving pretty quickly these days. Sometimes it feels like its hard to keep up. The hours in the day fly by and before too long the week is gone and then the month is over. Do you feel this quickness in your life?

With time moving so quickly, it becomes very important to be clear about our priorities and what we choose to accomplish. It's so easy to lose our way in all the bits and pieces, the flotsam and jetsam of our lives and never really get to what is important.

I've known people who quietly live lives filled with joy and deep pleasure no matter what life throws at them. There are also some rather well known people who appear to live this way also. Some that I might mention are Will Smith, Actor; Eli Wiesel, holocaust survivor and author; Mohandas Gandhi, Indian Leader; Mother Theresa, and many more as well as unknown and unsung heroes and heroines. You may know some. They may live next door to you or perhaps they are members of a club you belong to.

Wherever you run into them, there is one thing that shines from the moment you meet them. They are Authentic. They know who they are and they live their lives from this space. In fact, one could almost say that they create the space they live in. And they are UNFORGETTABLE.

I have experienced a smile while walking down the street that was so genuine and authentic that it stayed with me for years. I have met people casually who brighten up the space they are in, their smiles and laughter infectious. These are people who are authentic in that moment.

Authenticity isn't a gift that someone hands out, and a few people get it but most of us don't. Being authentic isn't about doing what is expected of us and being good people.

Being authentic is about reconnecting, in each moment of our days, with that inner child we once were, and living through the eyes of the child, so to speak.

If you are blessed with a 3 year old in your life, spend an afternoon at the park or the zoo or anywhere that's unusual. Sit with your 3 year old in the grass or by the beach or in the forest and join in with 3 year old discoveries. Become that 3 year old within yourself and really begin to see the world as if you were seeing it for the first time. Listen to the questions the child asks, and ask more of those kinds of questions yourself. Don't try to answer the questions, but ask more of your own. Get out of your adult mind and into your child mind. See an insect again for the first time. Be amazed by the colors in the sunset. Feel the breeze in your hair again for the first time.

Children only know how to live authentically, in the moment. And this is the Gift they bring to the adults around them, a reminder of what it is like to be fresh and new in a fascinating world filled with possibilities. This is their gift to you. And so often it is wasted and discarded because we are too busy being Grown Ups.

So if you can, take some time in the next few weeks and spend it with your favorite 3 year old. Get down into your own 3ness and enjoy seeing the world for the first time once again.

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Have a great and wonderful time rediscovering your authentic self, and the whorl again for the first time.

Blessings and Peace,


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