Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Quit Smoking in 6 Months: part 3

Having set your intention to stop smoking or change another habit, and setting up your affirmations, writing them out and saying them daily, it’s time to take the final step.

Step 3: Action

When you have set your intention, and written your daily affirmations, the final step is to take action by visualizing your life to be the way you want it. Be very specific. Imagine yourself going through your daily activities as you choose to be, not shackled to your habit.
Visualize your life as you want it to be. Believe in yourself and  imagine yourself free, living comfortably and effortlessly with your changes. Imagine how it feels, smells, tastes. Bring all your senses and creativity into this part of the process.

Have an eye to eye discussion with yourself every morning in the bathroom mirror. It might go something like this:

“Good morning, (your name). It’s going to be a great day today. I’m so grateful for the
opportunities that today will bring, opportunities to get closer to my goals, especially my
goal of being free. I’m so blessed that you, my subconscious, is helping me and working
with me to achieve my goals. Thank you. I love you.”

Say whatever feels right to you, just remember to keep it positive, upbeat, and throw in some humor, gratitude and love.
You might want to make up a little jingle to some tune you already know, like happy birthday, and sing it as you go through your day. How about a little chant such as “I live my life free to choose” that you can say over and over rhythmically. As above, stay positive and upbeat.
If you are artistic by nature, do some art projects around the changes – make a collage, or paint a picture of yourself free of the habit, or any other art project you enjoy.

You might invent a new drink or salad that tastes wonderful.

Have fun with this part and engage all your senses.

Remember, HAVE FUN! Laugh with yourself! Enjoy your success!

When you have succeeded in achieving one of your daily intentions easily and effortlessly, celebrate! Tell people about your accomplishment and do something fun.

The more you enjoy the process, laugh with yourself as you look in the mirror, share the humorous situations that come up with family and friends, the easier and quicker the changes will come about.

How Long Does This Take?

How long each step takes depends entirely on you, your willingness to visualize and work with your affirmations, and to do the mirror exercises.

The more creative and imaginative you are, the less time it will take to get your desired change into the subconscious.
If you follow this process YOU WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

By changing your thoughts on a deep level, you can affect every aspect of your life and make deep changes.  The secret is to be creative, imaginative, have fun and follow through. And if you find you need some help, contact someone you trust to help you through the process.

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